Three anti – aging yoga poses

No one wants to get old, if we could, we would stay young forever. Maybe science hasn’t found a cure for aging, yet, but there are still things you can do, to slow down the aging process. Yoga is one of those exercises, and we will give you six poses, to keep you vital and young.

Equal standing

While practicing this posture, you should be bare feet, standing on a yoga mat or floor. Feet should be parallel and ram hanging beside you. Your main focus should be on feet, while you are moving from left to right and back and forward. Your weight shouldn’t be disturbed, and you aren’t allowed to move your feet from the ground. The body is straight, chin lifted, with each move, the body should be returned to the center.

Tree pose – improving walking abilities

As we age, balance is more difficult to achieve, and tree pose is a simple balancing exercise, which will improve your walking abilities. The procedure us nearly the same as with equal posture, at least the standing part. With tree pose, you should put all your body weight on your left foot; hands should be bent in elbows and place in praying motion on your chest. The right foot is bent in a knee and placed on your calf. Make sure that you don’t press your knee too much. The breathing is really important while performing this poster. Once you sense you are getting tired, switch legs.

Squat – injury protection

If you have strong thigh muscles, you will protect your body from injuries and relieve knee pain. The Squat position allows you precisely that. To perform this pose, you should stand in equal standing posture; feet are placed together, hands at each side. Knees and feet are kept together, lean back like you are going to sit on a chair. You should only go back as far as you feel comfortable and balanced. Be careful with this posture; you may easily fall and hurt yourself. At the same time, while you are sitting on an imaginary chair, hands are straight in front of you, to help you balance this posture. If you think you can handle this posture, you can set your legs wide apart.