The best time of day to practice yoga

Yoga is a very good exercise if you want to improve your body functions and to calm your mind. Many people started practicing yoga to lower down their anxiety and avoid stressful situations. Some of them explore the basic yoga training, and some are doing more advanced exercises. As every exercise, yoga has its timing, and we are going to tell you when is the best time to practice yoga.

The perfect timing

Experts advise that perfect timing for yoga practice is early morning or early evening. It is important to practice yoga before breakfast. Upon waking, when your bowels are empty, you can shower if you like. Later you can adjust your daily routine and your eating habits. The second best time to practice yoga is early evening, just around the sunset.

On the other hand, you can always listen to your body and do yoga exercises whenever it suits you. You should find the perfect balance between your body and your mind. Because yoga is all about balance, you shouldn’t miss important things in your life just because of yoga, but still, engage these exercises in your daily routine. No matter time of day you are practicing yoga, it is important to finish every session with Savasana. For afternoon practice you can choose various types of exercises.

Eating habits

Many people are wondering when they can eat when they are practicing yoga. You can eat two hours before every practice. It is important that at the moment of exercise your bowls would be empty. If you are really hungry and you think that you won’t have enough strength to handle the exercises, you can always take one banana or one glass of juice. It will get you through the session. The crucial thing is not to perform exercises while your stomach is full.

How long you should practice yoga

Three times a week should be enough. If you can handle an hour workout, that would be excellent. If not, try less and from there build your resistance. Yoga can be demanding for your body, so don’t give up because the benefits are numerous.